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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reject, Reject, Reject, Reject - Republican Wet Noodles - Misguided Defined

The word for the day is "reject".

According to Bloomberg, the senate rejected every proposal on the slate to help reduce the budget deficit.

Rejection Scorecard

  • Senators voted 57-40 to reject House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's plan to rein in Medicare with vouchers.

  • Senators voted 97-0 to reject president Obama's plan, which would cut $1 trillion from budget deficits but remains silent on Medicare and other entitlement programs.

  • Senators voted 55-42 to reject a plan offered by Senator Pat Toomey that included many of Ryan?s ideas while omitting the Medicare proposal.

  • Senators rejected 90-7 a proposal by Senator Rand Paul to eliminates scores of programs and balance the budget in five years.

It was clean sweep 97-0 against the president's proposal. Relatively speaking, there must be some merit in some of Ryan's proposals given that he received as many as 42 votes.

Thus, the problem is not with Ryan's proposals per se, the problem is all the politics surrounding those proposals.

Republican Wet Noodles

Worse yet, Rand Paul could only muster 7 votes for his proposals. Why?

The Rand Paul vote depicts a stunning display of Republican wet noodles where some might have expected some semblance of a backbone.

Misguided Defined

After the vote, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, said "Democrats proved that the Republican plan to end Medicare is a non-starter in the Senate. I hope Republican colleagues will stop pursuing this misguided plan, and start working with Democrats on smart ways to reduce the deficit."

If you want to discuss "misguided", let's discuss president Obama's proposal that went down in flames 97-0. If a vote tally with zero support from either party does not describe "misguided", nothing does.

It's hard not to be disgusted with this massive display of wet noodle voting, political pandering, and demagoguery when there is a huge budget deficit that needs to be fixed.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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